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Inner Strength from Bhagavad Gita

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Dr. Ashwin Vijay is a dynamic orthopaedic doctor and health expert who inspires 3 million followers to pursue a healthier lifestyle through his social media channels.

A doctor who walks the talk, and an authentic role model to the young generation. Dr. Ashwin Vijay’s life mission is to serve and help people discover their inner strength. His work in the area of physical & mental health is backed by science and delivered with heart and emotions.

From Chennai, through the Indian Subcontinent and across the world, Dr Ashwin Vijay has created a health movement which inspires people around the globe. Till date his videos have clocked more than 500 million views. He is joining hands with national and international stars to bring about a new-age health awareness. On a global level he participates in leadership conferences like Robin Sharma’s The Titan Summit and The World Economic Forum, which is attended by heads of state and CEOs of global corporations.

“As a healthcare professional I saw the need for science-backed information on physical and mental well-being. I strongly believe that educating and helping people would achieve a bigger cause”. Dr. Ashwin

Vijay on envisioning a digital platform called InStrength by Strength India Movement.

As an orthopedic doctor and surgeon Dr Ashwin Vijay created a new state of the art orthopedic centre called Ojas Ortho, which inspires health and wellbeing for every patient with empathy and sensitivity. Ojas offers a wide spectrum of advanced orthopedic and sports medicine treatments. Dr Ashwin Vijay is treating domestic and international athletes for their injuries. He is also part of the international society of arthroscopy, knee and orthopedic sports medicine (ISAKOS). 

Dr Ashwin Vijay was honored for his work with several awards:

  • ICON OF HEALTHCARE AWARD 2016 by Berg in Singapore
  • PRIDE OF TAMIL NADU AWARD 2017 by Round Table India
  • THE BEST HEALTHCARE ORGANISATION AWARD 2018 by The World Tamil Chamber of Commerce
  • PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE AWARD 2019 by Time CyberMedia  
  • YOUTH ICON AWARD 2019 by Provoke Magazine

also He is a real time hero for Tamil Nadu youngsters and has a huge intense fan following base.

“Bring out the Be(a)st in you!” with Dr. Ashwin Vijay

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