International Gita Festival 2024

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Shweta Rohira is an expressionist. An artist, actor/influencer and writer. Has been performing two plays “That’s my Girl” an English play directed by Bharat Dabolkar and “Blind Date” Hindi play with Rj Pritam Singh and Karan Sharma. She has done a couple of shorts films with kanwaljit singh , Ananth Mahadevan and Sonu Nigam. As an artist she does commissioned art and wall art again to name a few has painted walls around india and in bombay cafés like farmers cafe, Sindhful and Myfroyoland. Has written a book called Filmychic “psychofilmising life” a fictional novel. Besides on Instagram as an influencer her chitter chatter is a live show that she hosts on Instagram with various professionals from various fields.

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